Wishes do come true! Tell us exactly what your dream Ibiza Wedding would be like by filling in our helpful ‘Wish List’ form. We can then come back to you with more exacting ideas including location suggestions, costings and additional inspiration for your big day.
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Names of the couple

Telephone number

Email Address

Preferred wedding dates

Wedding weekend

Would you like us to help you in the planning of your entire wedding weekend? For example, planning a pre wedding and after wedding event, taking care of you and your parties accommodation or maybe a boat trip?

Please tell us your budget for the wedding day, to make suitable offers and suggestions.

What is the amount of guests you are expecting on the day of your wedding?
I do!


Where would you like your ceremony to take place?



Tell us your wishes! What type of accommodation did you have in mind for yourself or your guests?

For what amount of guests should the accommodation be arranged?

For how long are you planning to stay on the island? Of for how many nights should the accommodation be arranged?
Arriving on your wedding in style


How do you wish to arrive at your wedding? Please note that nothing is to crazy and we are open to all ideas!
Beauty & Flowers

Hair and Make-Up Artists

Are you interested in booking one of our many talented Hair and Make-Up Artists?
Bridal bouquet

Decorations & Entertainment


We can help you in creating your desired atmosphere at your dream location! What sort of decorations are you thinking about?

Think of: Spanish guitar, band, female guitarist, saxophone player, acoustic pop, violin or string player and many more!
Capturing the best day of your life


Would you like us to recommend you one of our incredibly talented photographers?
Say "I do" in paradise!

Feel free to give us a short description on how you have always imagined your dream wedding...
To be continued...

Thank you for filling out the Ma Chérie Wish List! EVERY BRIDE IS SPECIAL, EVERY DAY IS DIFFERENT, EVERY WEDDING IS FOREVER... With the information provided we will send you a personalised offer catering to your unique and special needs! For additional wedding inspiration please feel free to check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts LOVE, Ma Chérie
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